California Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies Program

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The Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies Program (GET), is a collaboration between California’s investor owned utilities to advance promising energy-efficient technologies. The program aims to identify and evaluate currently commercially available technologies, and further market readiness of promising concepts that may be ready in three to five years. These proposals will be evaluated as potential measures for future energy-efficient programs.

Working with cross functional stakeholders, the GET program will source and screen technologies, gather necessary technical and savings potential data, identify key market barriers to adoption, and develop strategies to overcome these barriers.

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2023 Annual Research Plan

 Concurrent with the adoption of new technologies, is the need to understand market barriers, including those that are the result of the new technology, as well as any that already exist for current similar technologies.

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The TPM Includes the summary list, end use, sector, and technology sums, technology readiness levels (TRL) and opportunities.

Upcoming Program Events

Webinar: Analysis of Current & Emerging Water Heating Technologies

Watch the Recording here!

Join the California Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies Program team and Cristalle Mauleon, Project Manager – Lincus Inc for the webinar: Analysis of Current & Emerging Water Heating Technologies. The California Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies Study, ET22SWG0002 was launched in 2022 to research the emerging gas-fired water heating market and analyze current trends.

This project used a Water Heating Technology Table created in a parallel project to prioritize emerging gas-fired water heating technologies and perform additional analysis on a handful of them. The additional analysis included subject matter expert feedback, codes & standards impacts, as well as applicability to different communities and customers.

In this webinar we will be covering:

  • Project Findings and Recommendations
  • Project #1
  • Project #2
  • Q&A


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