The Statewide Gas Emerging Technologies Program is currently evaluating a number of emerging and/or underutilized natural gas efficiency technologies to better understand their potential to contribute to California’s climate future.

Current research projects are summarized below and the current status of each project is updated quarterly.

Additional ideas for technology research is accepted on an ongoing basis through our online submission form.

Projects are updated every 2 weeks! Check below to see our latest updates.

Current projects include:
Completed Projects

Water Heating Market Study

Evaluation of Emerging Water Heating Technologies

Commercial Food Service Market Characterization

Hydrogen Readiness Labeling of Gas Appliances

Research and Analyze the Infrared Heaters Market

Boiler Related EE Measure Assessment Study

Gas-Fired Heat Pump Water Heating & Combination System Pilot - Phase 1

Market Assessment of Emerging Ultra Low-NOX Burner Technologies

Active Projects

Energy Efficiency Modeling of Gas-fired Heat Pump Water Heaters

Gas-Fired Heat Pump Water Heating - Phase 2F – Site #1

CEA and Greenhouse HVAC Market & Technology Study

Hospital End-Use Market Assessment

Smart Pump, Multifamily Pilot Study

Energy Modeling & Analysis of Dual Fuel Heating System, Single Family

High Efficiency Crematorium

Ice Arena Vortex Water Treatment

Hydronic Space Heating Fluid Additive Field Study

Research GAHP Screening Criteria & Design

GAHP Performance Mapping

Satellite GHG Emissions Mapping

Market Study on Industrial Furnace Applications


Completed Projects can be located on the California Emerging Technologies portal below.

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